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Choral Conversations


Awaaz [Sound/Voice/Noise/Cacophony]


The Awaaz Ensemble, founded by composer, vocalist and choral facilitator, Hussein Janmohamed, brings together outstanding Canadian vocalists of diverse cultural, musical and faith backgrounds with the belief that choral music, developed through creative collaboration and dialogue, has a unique power to transcend barriers and manifest the depths of the human spirit. New works are co-created in rehearsal and through commissioning projects.


The ensemble conveys to audiences familiar yet innovative choral sounds, whether individually or collaboratively written, improvised, invented or passed on. Singers weave their unique vocal colours, sounds, tones and methods into soundscapes inspired by traditional and contemporary approaches to choral music. The ensemble’s first collaborative work, Adinu, is a venerated Arabic song with text by the Andalusian Sufi philosopher and poet, Ibn al-'Arabī (1165-1240). With a vision for peace, love and harmony, the arrangement intertwines music from plural Muslim cultures with music from the diverse backgrounds of the singers.  


The Awaaz Ensemble gave its debut performance in May 2016 at the honorary degree ceremony for His Highness the Aga Khan hosted by the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto. Today, we are honoured to premiere These Trees, The Lungs by Hussein Janmohamed, commissioned for The Awaaz Ensemble by Ontario Presents and the Aga Khan Museum. These Trees, The Lungs is an expanded full length composition adapted from a shorter work Sounding Broadacres: Sacred Woodlot Heart conceived for a MABELLEarts community arts project inspired by urban environment hero Johann Fisch and the Broadacres Park communities.

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Toronto, ON, Canada


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